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Add Value to your property

As homeowners, we all want to add value to our property and the best way to do that is through renovation. Whilst the idea of renovating is simple enough, the reality is that improvements to the home cost money. The good news is that there are plenty of choices available if you need to take out a loan to complete your renovation.

Whether you take out a personal loan, add the renovation cost to your current home loan or take out a new home loan to cover the costs, there’s plenty of options to consider.

And remember, before you borrow any more money, make sure you plan your renovation. Which areas of the home do you want to improve? As always, preparation will help you maximise results.

As you begin your renovation adventure, we hope these tips will help you get the most out of the experience.

How renovation loans work

Renovations loans will be different for everyone - the amount you need to borrow, your existing loan balance, your property value and what the type of renovation you’re undertaking are the most important factors to consider. The most important first step you must take is getting a valuation done on your property. Loan Market can organise a free valuation for you by clicking here.

The three main options for renovation loans are:

  • Getting a personal loan to cover renovations costs
  • Adding the renovation total to your existing home loan
  • Finding a new home loan
Personal Loans for renovation
Add the renovation cost to your home loan
Finding a new home loan for your renovation
Does it matter what I'm renovating?
What if my renovation or build is significant?

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