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Buying Your Next Home

Need more room? Wish to move closer to family or a good school? Relocating from overseas or interstate? Looking for a sea-change or tree-change? Want to downsize to release funds or move into a smaller home requiring less maintenance?

Should you buy first or sell first? Can you keep your current home as an investment? What is the best way to fund the deposit? What is bridging finance and how does it work? How much will all this cost? What are the risks and how can you best avoid them?

It is suggested that buying and selling a home is the third most stressful thing to do in life, preceded only by death in the family and divorce. Getting expert advice and guidance throughout each stage will save you heaps of time, help avoid the stress and make everything run smoothly.

We have developed a 21 step process, broken down into 7 easy steps for each stage. Check it out below!
  1. Review your current borrowing capacity with over 30 banks.
  2. Compare your borrowing capacity to your budget to establish the comfortable limit of your next loan.
  3. Analyse different buying and selling scenarios to mitigate the risk of overcommitment.
  4. Confirm if your next best move would be to buy before you sell, or sell before you buy.
  5. Arrange pre-approval of finance.
  6. Organise access to the 10% deposit you will need for your next purchase.
  7. Alternatively, If at this stage you decide not to sell we will reduce your current interest rate and help you pay off your home loan quicker.
  1. Provide comparative market analysis reports for each suburb/property you are interested in.
  2. Request solicitor reviews of vendors statements (Section 32) and report any concerns.
  3. Arrange building and pest inspectors.
  4. Complete your preparations for buying at auction or making a private offer.
  5. Negotiate the most suitable and competitive home loan from over 30 lenders.
  6. Facilitate and drive the loan application through to the settlement of your purchase, keeping you fully up to date throughout the whole process.
  7. Audit your initial legal and loan statements to confirm no mistakes were made.
  1. Introduce pre-approved buyers from our database to your agent.
  2. Work with your agent to make all the people that inspect your property aware of banks prepared to lend more at a lower cost.
  3. Pre-approve all buyers and arrange access to sufficient deposit funds to make sure as many people as possible are prepared for your auction and are ready to bid.
  4. Calculate your future cash flow position for each offer received to help you determine if you should/could accept.
  5. Help organise an early release of your purchaser's deposit (Section 27) to reduce your home loan.
  6. Liaise with your solicitor to ensure a correct and smooth discharge of your home loan.
  7. Assess your settlement documents to confirm everything went through correctly.  

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