Loan Review

Renegotiate or Refinance

Paying too much interest? Like to consolidate all your debts? Wish to access equity for a car, holiday, medical expenses, school fees or to help you buy an investment?

Your bank will not let you know that they now offer cheaper interest rates to brand new customers, or that another bank offers better interest rates and lower fees than they do?

Restructuring your loans can simplify your finances and reduce the interest you pay, enabling you to keep more of your money to reduce your debt and build your wealth.

Our experienced team of experts will find the most suitable option from over 30 banks and specialty lenders and negotiate terms with your own bank.

Before recommending refinancing to another lender, we will complete a cost-benefit analysis to review the fees you incur getting out of your existing loan, fees you will incur from the new lender as well as any government fees; before working out how long it will take the savings to recover the costs.

A loan review is also a great time to revisit the features you want on your home loan, including redraw facilities, multiple offset accounts, fixed rate and different repayment structures, all of which can help you better plan your budget and pay down your loan quicker.

Want a Loan Review?

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