You, your loved ones, your assets and your goals

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. A lot of time and money has been invested in your work and your relationships. I’m assuming you also have big plans for the future but, since you’re visiting this page, are concerned about making sure you and your family stay-on-track in the event of any of life’s unexpected events. 

So, what could happen? How would it impact you and your family? What are the chances? And, how can you establish solid financial foundations to protect you? 

Well, unfortunately, there are many things that could put you, your family, your current assets or your ability to achieve your goals at risk. 

Here’s a breakdown of the main risks with examples of the impact, the possibility of it happening and potential ways to protect against it:

Inflation Risk
The rising cost of living.
For example, if we do not take inflation into consideration the income you plan to have in retirement will not be enough and your super will run out sooner as everything becomes more expensive.
The risk of this happening is practically 100% as we very rarely experience deflation, or prices coming down.
To protect against inflation risk we need to ensure that we invest in assets that tend to grow in value as prices increases, like property or shares.
Market Risk
Exchange Rate Risk
Legislative Risk
Longevity Risk
Loss of Income

Are You adequately protected?

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